Haha, I got the first post!  Oh, hang on – there’s no one else here yet…

So, welcome to BetsAndBits – Betfair’s Engineering blog.  I hope over the coming years that this site will be full of interesting and usefully verbose comment on what the Tech teams at Betfair are getting up to and the exciting discoveries they are making.

Betfair is lucky in that the scale, speed and complexity of its engineering gives us lots of challenges – and hopefully plenty to share.  We are also actively pushing code to Open Source and engaging with the wider Tech community.  It’s no secret – we want to be at the forefront and this blog is one step in that direction.

So, please do come back and visit once in a while, and comment, and maybe try some of our code – why, if you are that interested why not come and work for us 😉

Thanks for your comment - if this is your first then it needs to be held for moderation - please bear with us!

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