DOCCON1 Presentations

For your viewing pleasure here are videos of the presentations at DOCCON1 (Betfair’s internal DevOps conference).  Slides are included where possible in case you want to follow along.  Please feel free to comment – we’ll even try and get the presenters to answer any questions.

Dave Farley – Keynote: The Rationale for Continuous Delivery
A great talk by Dave around the use of the scientific method to explain the rationale behind CD.

Ken Mugrage – Thoughtworks: Putting Continuous Delivery Into Practice
Ken walks us through Thoughtworks GO (being adopted by Betfair) and the value it delivers.

Justin Arbuckle – Chef: DevOps Maturity and Taming the Enterprise
An animated presentation on the benefits of a DevOps approach in Enterprise scale organisations.

Steve Mayzak – Elasticsearch: Changing the way Organisations Exploit their Data
Steve walks us through the advantages of being able to use and understand your data.

Marius Ciotlos – Betfair: Betfair and GO with slides available here
Marius walks us though how Betfair is using GO and the lessons we have learnt along the way.

Mike Evans – Betfair: An introduction to the AppSecRiskCalc with slides here: AppSec Risk Calculator
Mike has developed a simple plugin for any CD pipeline that allows you to assess a release risk.  We’ll be open sourcing this shortly.

Dan Salagen – Betfair: Rundeck, the Self-Service Enabler
If you have small repetitive tasks you can use Rundeck to automate these.

Dave Webster – Betfair: TSDB Evolution with slides downloadable here: TSDB with TSP
Betfair is a massive user of OpenTSDB.  We’ve created a new product called TSP to allow us to consume TSDB’s data more easily.  This will be open sourced shortly.

Miguel Fonseca – Betfair: A Recipe for Disaster with slides here: A Recipe for Disaster
Miguel ends the day with a guide through our use of Chef and the lessons we have learnt.

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