Team celebration of cross-market liquidity matching

When your teams create a market-leading product – we think it is important to go and celebrate…. on the river…with a speedboat!

This is exactly what our Exchange Platform teams did following the launch of cross-market liquidity matching – something Betfair talked about publicly in the half year financial results in December 2014: FY15 H1 results


To quote the results announcement: “We have recently commenced trials of a cross-market liquidity matching mechanism on the Exchange. The functionality will enable the liquidity on connected Exchange markets, such as Match Odds and Draw No Bet, to be interlinked. This will improve liquidity, and provide a better customer experience, in ancillary markets.”

The team working on this have done an amazing job, taking the great idea from a proof of concept by our architects to successful delivery and in the hands of our customers.

The pictures do the talking as you can see.  It was a well deserved celebration, and a great day out.

Team about to set off

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