Meet Betfair

Last Thursday (14th May) saw the inaugural “Meet Betfair” event take place at Betfair Towers, London. The evening featured a series of lightening talks from developers working on core Exchange technologies.

Topics ranged from a history of our architectural evolution to how continuous delivery pipelines are helping cut out manual process from our production deployments. There was even time for a quick maths lesson to discuss how probability is used to calculate odds and “cross match” bets.


The evening was attended by developers and engineers from a wide range of industries, perhaps interested in applying to join the team or just curious to find out what technology lies behind Betfair’s world famous Exchange.

The talks were kept brief and informal and seemed to successfully engage the audience, judging by the volume of hands in the air when the floor was opened up for questions at the end. Discussions continued over pizza and beer in the office canteen “Betties” (get it?) and hopefully everyone left having learnt something from the evening.

Give Betfair a follow on LinkedIn to make sure you here about future events, hope to see you at one soon!

Mike Funnell is a Senior Developer in one of our Exchange teams.

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