SRECON Europe 2015

Some of Betfair’s SRE engineers attended the inaugural European SRECON at the Google HQ in Dublin Ireland.  This was the first SRECON to be held outside the mainstream US SRECON and was very well attended with SREs from all over coming to the meet up.

Some of the highlights included an excellent opening talk by Todd Underwood about “PostOps:Recovery from Operations”. During the two days there were a number of interesting talks including
  • Continuous Improvement Using Comprehensive Root Cause Analysis
  • Continuous Pipelines at Google
  • Perimeter Management at Spotify
  • Running Open Compute Hardware in Facebook’s Data Centers
  • Disruptive Data Center Networks
  • Distributed Consensus Algorithms for Extreme Reliability
  • Debugging and Extending Distributed Coordination Systems
  • Operational Software Design
  • Dr NMS or: How Facebook Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Network
  • How Container Clusters Like Kubernetes Change Operations
  • SRE UIs—Transcending the CLI (James attended this)
  • DHCP Infrastructure Evolution at Facebook and the Importance of Designing Stateless Services
  • Going Off the Rails: Infrastructure Outage Planning
  • Heraclitus Wears Prada: DevOps, SRE, and Organisational Activities
  • Infrastructure Kata and Moving a Large Enterprise to the Cloud
  • Signatures, Patterns, and Trends: Timeseries Data Mining at Etsy
Theo Schlossnagle’s Operation Software Design talk was particularly interesting.
Some other highlights included seeing Facebook’s Open Compute Hardware for Networks and Servers.
In addition our own James Brooks gave a talk entitled “Show me the metrics” about TSDB and OpenTSP which was well received. James will be talking more about that in a later blog post.
All in all a great few days of conference, we have come away with quiet a few ideas which will looking more closely at in the coming months. If you are into all things SRE and are looking for like minded partners in crime to do dirty (operational) deeds then this is the place to be. We plan to attend it again next year.
Denis Jackman is an SRE Manager in the UK