Openstack Reference Architecture

This white paper documents the creation, purpose and benefits of Paddy Power Betfair’s Private OpenStack Cloud. It is aimed at those looking to adopt a similar approach to an extensible, scalable and performant platform for their own production estate.

The paper documents the programme approach and presents the rationale for each individual technology supplier. It also explains the high level design around each technology. As such, a ‘reference stack’ is presented, which the paper hopes to promote.


/Richard Haigh is Head of Delivery Enablement at Paddy Power Betfair.
/Steven Armstrong is Principal Automation Engineer at Paddy Power Betfair.


Boosting the performance of our AngularJS apps with ng-lazy-render

Over the last weeks we have been putting some effort on reducing the load time of our web applications. In the mobile world the two main suspects that usually come to mind are network and processing power, but it is not easy to considerably reduce requests and resource usage without cutting features from our users. So what if we could cut features that the user cannot see?

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Pain Relief through Automation…

This is a simple summary of when we sat down in Betfair and questioned why we were still applying a highly manual, so-called ‘industry best practice’ process to all our production application releases regardless of how they were being deployed and went back to the whiteboard to see how we could make it better.

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Exchange Streaming – The Journey so far

Betfair is the largest on-line betting exchange in the world and has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. One of the fundamental problems that comes with growth is that the technology that drives the exchange has to scale in line with not just current growth rates but also the forecast growth over next X months/years.

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